cropped-coffeelaptopgray-1.jpgHere are a few recent examples of how I’ve helped clients craft a compelling story about their product or service.

But I’ve been at this for quite a while so if you’d like to see older work, just ask.

10,000 Degrees: (thumbnail coming soon!!!) This rockstar non-profit located in Marin, California helps college-bound, high school students navigate the confusing journey to college acceptance, including the daunting task of  financing their education without incurring crushing debt. Over the years, they’ve helped hundreds of students who are first generation Americans or first in their family to attend college. For their 35th anniversary 10,000 Degrees hired me to help with a coffee table book that included telling dozens of stories about their alumni.

What I Did: I conducted a series of interviews with former alumni, crafting first person narratives that are engaging and inspiring. The book has proven to be a wonderful project that has raised greater awareness for the non-profit, and has also been a highly successful fundraising tool.

Accion: A leader in microfinance, Accion is the oldest microlender in the US and also lends in dozens of countries around the world.  The Orange Book , a 10-page publication inspired by the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book, offered a bird’s eye view orangebook_coverof the Q1 2014 economy through the lens of microbusiness owners across the US.

What I Did: I conducted and wrote every interview in the publication. In addition, I used research provided by Accion’s team of economists to write the regional and national overviews as well.   Once the publication dropped, I churned out press releases and ghost wrote several op-eds that appeared in regional and national newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Dallas Times Herald and the San Diego Union-Tribune. I also wrote several posts about the Orange Book for Accion’s website.  The project enhanced brand awareness, educated the larger business community about Accion’s work in the small business community and highlighted the successes of what Accion calls, “Everyday Entrepreneurs” who have received business loans from the lender.

Omidyar Network: Omidyar Network is a venture capital firm that invests in businesses with a mandate to advance social good built into their DNA. Located in Redwood City, the firm supports initiatives in the areas of financial inclusion, emerging tech, education, governance and citizen engagement and property rights.

What I Do: I write marketing materials to support the investor teams in their marketing efforts, including blog posts on various funded companies, op eds for international distribution and Spotlight pieces.

Abacus Payroll, Inc.: Since 1999, Abacus Payroll has been the leading payroll provider serving the business communities of the Greater Philadelphia area.

abacusscreenshotWhat I Did: Although they’ve been around for many years, Abacus hadn’t felt ready to compete with payroll giant, ADP–until now. Having won many of their current satisfied customers from ADP, they understood that their strengths—personalized customer service, knowledge of mid-range businesses and accountants who had been with the firm for years–were exactly the reasons so many of their clients had left their competitor. They wanted those strengths reflected in their rebranding and hired me to completely rewrite their website.  The results have been impressive with a significant uptick in new business in the past year.

desolvescrnshtElixir Medical Corp.: Elixir is a ground-breaking medical devices company located in Sunnyvale.

What I Did: Elixir hired me to re-write an existing patient brochure for their arterial stent, DESolve. DESolve is a unique scaffolding made to treat narrowing or blocked arteries by holding the artery open for 6 months and then desolving, allowing the artery to stay open on its own. They wanted to stress that because DESolve disappears from the patient’s system so quickly, that patient can return to normal life much faster and with a high level of confidence in the procedure.

Newmark, Grubb, Knight, Frank: This internationally respected real estate firm has been in business since 1929.  In 2011, the company started a Wine Services Group to serve wineries in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

What I Did: I wrote a white paper for the Wine Services Group that targeted small to mid-sized winery owners with unique properties to sell. The paper offered very specific solutions to a number of problems associated with marketing and selling, “signature” properties.